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Environmentally Friendly Commercial Laundry Services

Environmentally Friendly - North Norfolk Laundry Services

We at North Norfolk Laundry take the managing of our carbon footprint very seriously.


We work closely with the ‘Textile Services Association’ on their Climate Change Agreement to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  


We monitor our energy usage against production figures quarterly and tailor this to a target reduction rate of 4.5% from our base year. 


If we fail to meet this target, we purchase carbon offsets directly to counterbalance this. 


We recycle material wherever possible, and while recognising that some products need to be disposable we nevertheless place our emphasis on products which can be re-used.

One of our main materials used is cotton. This is a sustainable and renewable material, which is recycled at the end of its life rather than being sent to landfill.

The reduction of excess packaging forms an integral part of our daily process, this has an impact on us and our customers, we continue to investigate and implement ways of reducing the volume of waste we create.

We are committed to an improved environment

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